Personal Services

Whether you're replacing a worn-out kitchen appliance or buying a new component for your home entertainment system, shopping for appliances and electronics can be an exhausting process. For the best deal, you've got to match up the features you need and the features you want, find unbiased ratings and reviews, and then comparison shop both retail and on-line stores to make sure you get the lowest price and the best service.

As a member of Consumer Clubs of America, we can do that hard work for you. Tell us your requirements and the features you're looking for, and let one of our buying assistants recommend the best model for your needs. We'll even tell you where to get the lowest price; whether that's in-store or an on-line price (with shipping factored in, of course!).

Replacing an old appliance? Just give us the make and model number. Our database holds over four decades of information so we can easily match it with an equivalent model that you can buy today.